Products I Use


I use a variety of products during a session that I have found to be excellent in providing an effective massage that continues to help long after the work is over. The main lubricant is BIOTONE’s DUAL-PURPOSE massage crème. I have never had a client react negatively to it in all my years of practice and it is paraben and cruelty free. I combine the use of Deep Blue Rub, BIOFREEZE and Cryoderm to help alleviate delayed muscle soreness that can sometimes be associated with deeper work. They contain essential oils and other plant extracts including arnica and boswella that have natural anti-inflammatory  properties. Lastly, I diffuse high quality essential oils during the session and integrate a cetyl myriostoleate cream occasionally to help with specific arthritic issues.


For an additional charge I do offer the use of a high quality CBD lubricant on a client’s one or two high need areas. Safe, medicinal, non psychogenic CBD massage reduces pain and inflammation while enhancing relaxation and helps regulate sleep. CBD oil can be incorporated into any massage treatment. CBD provides not just anti-inflammatory and pain relief but as well anti-anxiety and antidepressant relief. These properties combine to create healing and lasting results in improved overall health.